The Nordic Grant Scheme for Network Co-operation with the Baltic Countries and Northwest Russia 2003/2004 Personal and cross-cultural identities in every-day life stories – Development of research and presentation methods
The international network with the support of Nordic Council
The visits to academic institutions and other research and cultural organizations provided an opportunity to compare not only the way in which work is organized in similar types of institutions in Latvia and the Nordic countries, but also to learn about research, collection of materials, organization, analysis etc.

The archive of the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm (Sweden) ( Foto) and the Emigration Museum in Hamar (Norway) (Video 5.4MB) deserve special mention. The in-depth excursion and seminars provided detailed information about their collected materials. They demonstrated their experience with key methodological approaches, data gathering, preservation, analytical and other topics. Learning about different studies provided inspiration for ideas in developing similar projects in Latvia. In total, more than fifteen museum and research institutions were visited in Norden countries.
Seminars conducted in Riga by Nordic scholars inspired a new specialization in oral history and biographical research for researchers as well as students at the University of Latvia.
The partners we invited to join our project represented oral history researchers in the Nordic countries:
Dr. Simo Laakkonen, Senior Lecturer of Department of Social Policy, University of Helsinki
Dr. Knut Djupedal, Director of the Norwegian Emigrant Museum in Hamar
Dr. Christian Richette, archivist at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm

Dr. Simo Laakkonen at the presentation „People and the Sea” in Riga

The Research Center at the Norwegian Emigrant Museum: Personal Archives

Dr. Knut Djupedal and Latvian researchers in the Norwegian Emigrant Museum

Outdoor exposition at the Norwegian Emigrant Museim.

Partners from Norway and Latvia in front of Norwegian Emigration Memorial Church ( the Oak RidgeChurch) reassembled at 2003

The presentation of Dr. Christian Richette at the seminar in Riga

In Memoriam: HUGO LEGZDIŅŠ the last commander of the submarine Ronis

Hugo Legzdiņš, was born on December 7, 1903. In 1926, he joined the Latvian submarine division and participated in the christening of the submarine Ronis (The Seal) in France. In 1938, he completed his studies at the French Maritime Academy. In 1940, he became the last commander of the submarine Ronis. In 1941, the Soviet occupation regime took over the submarines and dismissed Hugo Legzdiņš from his post, but thereafter and for all of his active life he taught aspiring sailors astronomy and navigation.
Hugo Legzdins died on July 20, 2004.

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