"Lifestory's" partner in the United States--American Latvian Association (ALA)
project: "Lifestory -- Diaspora" ("Dzivesstasts - trimda")

   Coordinator: Maija Hinkle
   117 Northview Rd.
   Ithaca, NY 14850
   tel. 605 273 1319
   Email: maijahinkle@hotmail.com
             peter hinklepch5@cornell.edu
The lifestory is an example of culture and is also its source. It is a component of the ongoing cultural process and becomes a bridge of understanding between individuals.

The U.S. project works closely with "Lifestory" in Latvia in terms of its goals, methodology, and researchers. The main difference is that in the United States, the participants work independently, thousands of miles away from one another.

Interested persons, groups, and organizations, who work in oral history and would like to participate in this project should contact: Maija Hinkle at the adress given above.