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EXPERIENCES OF INTEGRATION: LIFE STORIES IN LATVIA WEB PAGE, supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy's small grant program.
Results and Future Work:
We have established the foundation for our web page, which will continue to develop. In addition, we have developed a flexible data base structure. As we proposed, the web page Life Story will continue to serve as a contact centre for local and international organisations who are interested in the history of various social groups in Latvia.

The Oral History project in academic research is supported by the Science Council of Latvia (Latvijas Zinātnes padome) grant.
The Oral History Archive collection is supported by several projects:
   The centenarians project (100 x 100), supported by the Cultural Fund of Latvia, The National Latvian Council in Great Britain's Education Committee
   K. Eglite's interviews with cultural figures of 1960s-1970s Latvia, supported by the Cultural Fund of Latvia,
   the development of the study of Selija's cultural identity, supported by the Cultural Fund of Latvia,
   The World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA) in the United States, whose aid supported the preparation of the essay collection Spogulis, Latvijas mutvardu vesture (Mirror: Oral History in Latvia), the purchase of computer equipment, the development of a videofilm about cultural figures in Latvia.
   The American Latvian Fund, whose help facilitated informational seminars for the Latvian community in exile, the purchse of computer equipment, five summers of field work, and "Lifestories in Latvia."

    NMV projects and research topics include:

Testimonies of repression in war, peace, and occupation as found in lifestories
The experience of the diaspora and exile
The contrast between apolitical lives and a political history
History as seen from a woman's perspective
The differences in women's and men's lifestories
Latvia's ethnic, historical, and regional identities
The role of time and place in lifestories
The study of a Home/House in Riga, Latvia
Cultural identities
Familial, generational, and ancestoral ties


"ORDINARY" LIFE STORIES in "EXTRAORDINARY" HISTORY: forming a democratic sense of history through video interaction, supported by Democracy commision small grants program of USA Embassy in Rīga .