Personal and cross-cultural identities in every-day life stories Development of research and presentation methods
The partners of Network Co-operation
Dr. Simo Laakkonen, Senior Lecturer of Department of Social Policy, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Knut Djupedal, Director of the Norwegian Emigrant Museum in Hamar, Norway
Dr. Christian Richette, archivist at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden

  The Oral History Archive's work in academic research is supported by the Science Council of Latvia (Latvijas Zinatnes padome) grant.

  Lifestory collection, documentation, and archival development is divided into several phases and projects.

  The Lifestory Web Page is supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy's small grant program.

  The Oral History Archive collection holds more than 1,000 lifestories thanks to:
The National Latvian Council in Great Britain's Education Committee, whose centenarians of Latvia.
The Cultural Fund of Latvia, whose support facilitated the centenarians project (100 x 100), the videofilm about the poet Astride Ivask, K. Eglite's interviews with cultural figures of 1960s-1970s Latvia, The development of the study of Selija's cultural identity.

  The American Latvian Fund, whose help facilitated informational seminars for the Latvian community in exile, the purchse of computer equipment, five summers of field work, and "Lifestories in Latvia."

  Soros Foundation-Latvia's Education Program for Change in Latvia's, whose aid contributed to the development of the videofilm about Melanie Vanaga.

  Heinrich Boell Fond in Germany, whose aid supported the organization of a training seminar in Mazirbe.

  The World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA) in the United States, whose aid supported the preparation of the essay collection "Spogulis, Latvijas mutvardu vesture" (Mirror: Oral History in Latvia), the purchase of computer equipment, the development of a videofilm about cultural figures in Latvia.

  Research organizations which have facilitated methodological work:
Oral History Association in London, Great Britain
The Ethnological Research Center at Oslo University, Norway
The Folklore Department of Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA
The Biography and Folklore Department at Tartu University, Estonia

  Collaborative publications, events, projects:
The Occupation Museum of Latvia
The Latvian Center in Riga
The Livonian Cultural Center "Livo Kultur sidam"
The Government-protected Livonian cultural-historical territory "Livod Randa" (Livonian Coast)
The Philology Department of the University of Latvia
The Judaic Center of the University of Latvia
The Multinational Culture Center in Daugavpils