Education through Oral History Fieldwork: 2009-2012

During the field-work within the Baltic-Nordic Network Project a new educational model of community involvement in biographical research was established. Baltic-Nordic workshops and training seminars for sharing knowledge about lifelong learning and its contextualization within oral history studies were based on the experience of field-works in Latvia, in Sweden, in Gotland, in Latvian and Estonian exile communities.

The volunteers of the field-work in Gotland - Latvians from Sweden are interviewing people, who still remembers Latvian refugee boats from the Second World War.

The conference Oral History: Dialog with Society in Riga provided invaluable conversations with international specialists and researchers from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and other countries. The presentations were well and widely received. The presentations from the conference are available on video (see:, but the entire conference proceedings will be published.

The NGO Latvians Abroad – Museum and Research Centre (LA-MRC) presented a travelling exhibition titled Pathways: refugee stories and objects as a concrete example of how the Latvian Diaspora museum combines family and individual stories and their material culture with the historical context and the greater story of emigration and life in a new country.

The outcome of the project was a training program for adult volunteers and a methodological handbook for the education of biography writers and interviewers. A methodological handbook for fieldwork interviews and memoirs was tested in Latvia and in Baltic exile communities.

The project encouraged the publications of individual articles, books, a DVD multimedia disc, exhibitions, and websites. As a result of training by the Latvian OH Researchers Association Life Story, the NGO for politically repressed persons (opponents of Soviet power) created a network for life story interviewing and the presentation of life story interviews through the website

A creative collaboration has occurred between oral history and biography researchers in Latvia, Estonia, and the Nordic countries in the field of expanding the boundaries of OH and the collection and presentation of life stories as well as the creation of a new branch in adult education.

In its beginning stage, project was also presented in „BALTIC EXPRO+“ in Šiauliai Arena, Lithuania.

Photos from the projects seminar about lifelong education with the participation of Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard.