Projects in progress:

Project Ethnic and Narrative Diversity in the Construction in Life Stories in Latvia (2013-2016) funded by the Latvian Council of Science

Development of the scientific infrastructure of the national research center Latvian language, heritage and creative technologies


Completed projects:

National Research Programme “National Identity (Language, Latvian history, Culture and Human Security)“: Individual and Colective identities in Life stories (2010-2014)

Nordplus Framework Programme: Education through Oral History Fieldwork: 2009 - 2012

Project of European Regional Development Fund: Conference Oral History: Dialog with Society

Number of grants financed by the Latvian Council of Science: “National Oral History: Model and Interpretation” (No. 92.0402), “National Oral History: Identity and Integration” (No. 01. 0751) “National Oral History: Resource in Analysis of Cultural, Social and Identity Issues” (No. 05.1922), “National Oral History: sources in analysis of social life and social processes” (09.1046), “Formation of consciousness of national identity after the re-establishing of independence in Latvia: tendencies and factors” (No. 09.1531).